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Increase the power of BacklinkSpeed




The SEO Expansion Plug-in Pack includes two powerful plug-ins to enhance BacklinkSpeed's submission features, including advanced archiving of submission reports and a turbo-speed import/export feature for backing up URL data.

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The Throttle Plug-in lets you control the number of backlink sites that BacklinkSpeed submits to and gradually increase over time. Set a max number of sites to submit to and a starting index or URL. Submit to 100, 200, etc at a time, or all 3,000 sites. The perfect add-on to control the pace of submissions to fit your SEO campaign.

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Plug-in Requirements

Plug-ins require a registered version (any licensed edition) of BacklinkSpeed version 2.0 or greater. Plug-ins may be installed and uninstalled as needed and seamlessly integrate into the software. Plug-ins are compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7. 

Upgrades of BacklinkSpeed are free and may be completed by clicking the Upgrade button in the software or downloading from the web site

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