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"When our customers come back to purchase a second product, we know why. It is because we are there for them." - ksoft

A Leader in Internet Software Creations

ksoft is a fast growing and cutting-edge Internet software company which focuses on products for a multitude of users ranging from professionals, major corporations, to everyday users. ksoft has a key mission of helping users save time and increase productivity on the Internet.

ksoft is based in Trenton, NJ and has been creating Internet solutions since 1998, with products featured in PC Magazine, PC World Magazine, and USA Today. ksoft originated as a simple product Uploader!, which was offered as shareware and since grew into the full line of Internet products offered today.

ksoft provides a diverse range of products including promotional, search, and security software available by electronic distribution.

The First Hit with FTPDummy!

FTPDummy! was originally created in the winter of 1998, spawned from the basics of our product Uploader!. It has since grown into quite a powerful FTP client, while still retaining its simplicity of use. We have received a long line of praising comments on FTPDummy! and how it has changed many novice computer users in helping them get started with the world wide web; and nothing makes us happier.

No More Popups, PopupDummy!

PopupDummy! was created to fill the demand for a solution to the annoying popup ads that have proliferated on the web. PopupDummy! is rated as one of the top three popup blockers available on the Internet. PopupDummy! began gaining nationwide attention in July 2002 when its article was seen in PC Magazine. Shortly thereafter in October 2002, PopupDummy! received an Editors Choice award from PC Magazine assuring its success. PopupDummy! also appeared again in June 2003 of PC Magazine.

Enter the RSS Revolution

In late 2004, as RSS technology was just beginning to flower, RSS Submit was released to allow users to easily submit their RSS feeds and blogs to the list of growing directories. It was an instant hit and reviewed by many prominent sources. Today, RSS Submit has grown from a simple submit tool into a full RSS feed management solution. Regular updates and plug-in development helps keep RSS Submit in the spotlight of feed management software. With the ever-growing popularity of blogs, it's a good thing we're here to help!

The Customer is Always Right

ksoft is a software development company providing a vast range of Internet products. You would think we sit in a locked room all day programming and doing nothing else. That is far from the truth. In fact, ksoft manages over 70% of it's total business time in customer attention. We care about you, our customers.

We believe that the customer is the most important aspect of ksoft. We use our own products on a daily basis for updating our web site, promoting our site, and issuing new products and announcements. However, we create software for you, the user. That is why the most important key to our business is making the user happy. We deal with email as our primary source of communication and treat them as such. You can always count on getting a prompt, helpful, and detailed response to inquires or problems; often in the same day. Not many companies can claim to that. 

You might also think that with many software companies, they simply sell you a product and you are on your own. 

We pride ourselves on establishing secure relationships with our customers. We sell them a product, but we do not stop there. We help the customer, and still do not stop there. We offer invaluable advice and tips, sometimes even "saving the day" for a local business, all at no extra cost; because the customer is so important. 

Then when our customers come back to purchase a second product, we know why. It is because we are there for them.

Adapting to Change

We always strive to create new and innovative products for the ever-changing Internet. As new features and technologies emerge on the Internet, you can be sure ksoft will be right there working out new products to fill the niches. 

Learn more about our products by trying out a copy for yourself, and see what all the talk is really about. If you have an interest in the web, you will likely find a product that is right for you. Feel free to browse through our products by clicking here.

January 1, 2004
Revised August 1, 2006

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