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Anti-Hijacker 1.2 Only $9.95
This is a tool that Microsoft should have added to Internet Explorer a long time ago. Anti-Hijacker protects your homepage from adware, spyware, trojans, hijackers, and web sites that attempt to change your homepage.
BacklinkRefresh 1.4 Only $44.95
BacklinkRefresh is a powerful tool to automatically collect fresh and relevant quality backlinks for your web site ranking and SEO. Enter your target keyword, save the results, visit each site, and leave a comment. This simple process can increase your backlinks and grow your web site traffic over time. Harvest backlinks from a variety of sources and save reports in HTML, text, or CSV format. Manage and enhance your backlinking campaign with ease!
BacklinkSpeed 2.4 Only $64.95
BacklinkSpeed is the easiest way to submit your web site to over 3,150 backlink sites, and directories, including a large variety of domain, whois, and DNS statistic web sites, instantly giving a jumpstart to your traffic and immediate visibility to the search engines.
Blog Blaster 1.5 Only $44.95
Submit and ping your blog to over 30 blog-specific search engines and have the search engine robots flying to your blog. Quickly increase your blog traffic with this automatic blog ping utility.
CDStartDummy! v2.6 Only $49.95
Create auto-playable CD-ROMs the quick and easy way. Autorun CD-ROMs are the standard in distributing CDs to your customers. When the customer places the CD in their computer, you can instantly have a splash screen, sound effect, and your own program or web page displayed, offering easy install options for the user. Features include the ability to test your autorun CD before burning to an actual CD, sample splash screens built-in, create time-limited and password protected CDs, and an easy interface.
ClockDummy! 2.1 Only $29.95
Show the seconds on your Windows taskbar clock. ClockDummy is also an atomic clock which speaks the time with a real human voice! Enhance your task-bar clock with background graphics, month, seconds, and update it to the second. Set events to play a song, run a program, speak the time, or shutdown your computer. The perfect addition to any computer's taskbar clock.  
FTPDummy! 4.8 Only $24.95
Our full featured FTP client lets you easily connect and publish your web site. FTPDummy! contains the ability to upload, download, manage folders, remove files, browse your ftp site while offline, and much more. FTPDummy! also provides personalized email support for registered users who need help connecting, finding web space, or publishing their files.
GALHider 1.0 Only $94.95
GALHider allows network administrators to easily hide and show users in the Outlook Exchange Global Address List (GAL). GALHider works by searching for a list of users or contacts in Active Directory, based on a search term or member group that you provide. It then sets the flag to hide the list of users from the Exchange Global Address List. This is effective for all users who run Outlook on your network, providing the easiest method to show and hide users in the Global Address List.
G-Zapper v3.2 Only $29.95
G-Zapper helps you stay anonymous while searching Google by blocking and deleting the Google search cookie. Did you know that Google stores a unique identifier in a cookie on your PC, which allows them to track the keywords you search for? G-Zapper helps you protect your identity and search history by allowing you to view your Google ID, see how long your searches have been tracked, erase your searches, and block the Google search cookie.
ImageGrabDummy! 2.1 Only $24.95
Download and preview mass images on the web with the image search tool. ImageGrabDummy! can collect images from web pages based on keyword or a starting URL. Includes a built-in image viewer and advanced filters to eliminate advertisement images.
InternetNotePad! v1.8 Only $18
Notepad program just like the one issued with Windows machines, but that actually works over the Internet! Edit/Save files directly over the Internet.
KMLReduce v1.4 Only $24.95
A powerful tool to reduce the size of KML files by analyzing and removing extraneous coordinates from polygons contained within the file. This allows you to host the KML file online and use less bandwidth for users and services accessing the file.
LogonEight v1.0 Only $9.95
Automatically change the Windows 8 lock screen background logon image. Choose a folder of images and set a pre-defined interval by minutes, hours, days, or weeks to have your Windows 8 lock screen background logon image change automatically. Wake up to a new Windows 8 logon background every day!
MetaTagDummy! FREE!
Get the same keywords from the web pages listed in the top 10 results in Google and get your placement that high too!
NETCheck 4.5 Only $74.95
NETCheck is a utility that .NET developers can use within their own application to verify if the required version of the .NET framework is installed and allow the user to download it. Use NETCheck with your .NET application to be sure it can be ran on all Windows PCs whether they have the .NET framework installed or not.
PADexpress 1.5 Only $49.95
With just one click, software authors can submit their PAD files to over 100+ shareware and freeware sites. This software promotion tool crawls over 700 software directories, automatically submitting PAD files. Promoting your new software has never been easier.
Plus One Reporter 1.0 Only $34.95
Plus One Reporter is a powerful tool to view the Google Plus +1 count for a bulk list of links or URLs. Simply import your web site XML sitemap or list of links and automatically track the popularity of your social networking links on Google+.
PopupDummy! v3.2 Only $29.95
Block popups, adware, spyware, harmful IE plug-ins, harmful ActiveX objects, and "drive-by" downloads in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape web browsers. PopupDummy! provides a real-time solution to the Internet's worst pests, protecting your PC while your surf the web.
PrivacyDummy! 1.1 Only $29.95
Did you know that your PC and web browser can leave detailed histories of sites you've visited, files you've opened, images you've viewed, and more? With PrivacyDummy!, you can quickly and easily view your history tracks and clean your PC with one click. PrivacyDummy! goes far beyond simply clearing your IE cache, including clearing of all Windows history tracks, program tracks, image/video tracks, and much more.
RSS AutoGen 1.6 Only $74.95
RSS AutoGen is a powerful tool for automatically converting web pages into complete keyword-rich RSS feeds. Quickly and easily generate RSS feeds from your web site and web pages, including full content descriptions, meta tags, images, and more. Upload the generated RSS feeds to your web site, submit them to the RSS search engines, and bring more traffic to your web site!
RSS Submit 5 Only $74.95
So you've finally jumped on the RSS bandwagon and created your RSS feed, but you notice no one is reading it? RSS Submit automates the process of managing and submitting your RSS feeds to the RSS search engines including Moreover, Syndic8, Yahoo, and more.
SafeShopper 1.2 Only $24.95
Is your credit card really safe after you have placed an order online, or is your information only a password guess away from a hacker? SafeShopper allows you to verify an online store's security before you place an order by clicking the SafeShopper button in your Internet Explorer toolbar. SafeShopper provides you with an instant report as to if the online store is safe to shop at and the location, owner, and contact information of the online store. Shopping online just isn't safe without SafeShopper by your side!
SenseGuard 1.0 Only $19.95
A software tool made just for the Adsense Publishers out there. SenseGuard protects you from accidental clicks on your own Adsense publisher ads. It works by temporarily hiding all Adsense ads in your web browser without affecting outside users from viewing the ads on your site. Protecting your Adsense account from being shutdown as a result of accidental clicks is more important than ever.
Startup Select 2.2 Only $24.95
This powerful Windows startup manager allows you to identify, enable/disable, and remove the programs which automatically run each time your computer turns on. Contains a built-in database of hundreds of common startup programs, allowing you to identify spyware, viruses, and unnecessary software to make your PC boot & run faster.
TrackbackSpeed 1.3 Only $74.95
TrackbackSpeed is a powerful blog promotion tool to automatically submit trackbacks and pingbacks from your blog to other users' blogs in the same topic. With just one click, you can instantly submit a trackback or pingback to multiple blogs. TrackbackSpeed allows you to increase readership and traffic to your blog by building a network of back-links in the blogosphere.
UninstallDummy! 1.2 Only $19.95
Do you have programs listed in your Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs list that you just can't seem to remove? UninstallDummy! is an easy solution to highlight and remove phantom program entries in your Add/Remove Programs list. 
Uploader! v3.6 Only $10
Quick & easy upload tool to send files to your Internet site. Great for updating web pages or just simple quick uploads.
WebDummy! v3.0 Only $18
Design a professional web page easily in under 5 minutes! Requires no HTML knowledge at all. Simple wizard interface, choose colors, select images (built in or your own), make links, and so much more! Don't be in the dark with web page design any longer!
WebMonitorDummy v1.0 Only $44.95
Easily monitor your web sites right from your desktop to help ensure they stay online and active. WebMonitorDummy is the easiest way to monitor your sites for up-time, down-time, and to make sure they're functional. Just enter the URL to your web sites and a piece of search text or html. If WebMonitorDummy is unable to locate the text within the page, indicating the site may down. you're instantly notified with an alert, flashing icon, and sound effect.
WebPageAutoRunner v1.0 Only $39.95
WebPageAutoRunner lets you easily run a web page on an autoplay CD. Simply select the web page you would like to have display when the CD begins to autoplay, choose additional options including a splash screen, CD icon, sound effects, custom window sizes, and more. Anyone can create a complete autorun CD presentation within minutes.
iPhone and iTouch Apps Download in Apple iTunes
Visit the ksoft iPhone application area to download the latest apps for the Apple iPhone and iTouch mobile device.
Cryn The Dark Reflection FREE
An RPG role playing game, similar to the style of classic turn-based RPG games. Weather effects, dungeons, over 50 different monsters and bosses, over 15 different spells to learn, spell evolution, NPC character, unique monster attacks, and much more.
Games FREE
A collection of games that you can play in the web browser or on your PC.
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