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2016 Edition

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Purchase today for only
* Includes 6-month subscription to RSS directory updates, $8.95/month after.
* Discount available for existing users of RSS Submit 3 (classic edition).

RSS Submit is the most powerful RSS feed management and promotion tool available. The first of its kind for automatically submitting RSS feeds, it is the quickest and most reliable way to submit to the RSS search engines.

RSS Submit has been has been completely re-developed from the ground-up. The latest brand new 2016 edition of RSS Submit 5 promotes your RSS feeds with even more power. Sporting profile management, a brand new interface, targeting the latest Windows 8 platform, and including fully customizable engines, RSS Submit is the easiest way to get more traffic to your site!

Compatible with Windows 7/8/10. Requires .NET Framework 4.5 & Firefox or Chrome.

RSS Submit is a fully automated solution for submitting your RSS feeds. With just a few clicks RSS Submit lets you automatically create accounts on the RSS directories, submit your feeds, populate captchas *, and view real-time screenshot results of each submission.

RSS Submit contains built-in profile management, allowing you to create submission profiles per RSS directory. With this powerful feature you can specify account login details and web site information to submit your feed.

After submitting, view screenshots of the actual submissions and verify the results. You can even browse a real-time log of each step in the submission process. Verify accuracy and track your results with the easiest RSS submission tool available.

Add and preview your RSS feed urls, and with one click of the Submit All button, all of your RSS feeds are published to the RSS search engines.

View actual screenshots of the RSS directory result pages to know for sure that your feeds were accepted. View a detailed real-time log of each step in the submission process. Save the results to share with others.

The fully customizable list of RSS directories lets you manage by login and captcha status. You can edit existing engines or add new ones to extend the software!

Adding Your Own RSS Directories

RSS Submit includes full support for completely customizing the list of RSS directories. Each directory contains a script, written in the RSS Submit scripting language, that tells RSS Submit which url to load, what fields to populate on the form, and what values from the RSS feed or profile to use.

RSS Submit will automatically download updates for the RSS directory definition files, but you can also create your own! If you're familiar with basic programming or scripting languages, you can add your own directories to the submission list and extend the software. Use one of the existing RSS directory scripts as a template. Just save a new script in the "engines" folder and it will automatically display in the list of engines in the software. To locate the engines folder, click Options/Files. The preferences files are also customizable, written with JSON. Stay tuned for tutorials and a description of available scripting commands that can be used in the RSS directory definition files.

Populating Captchas

RSS Submit includes fully automated support for entering captchas during submission by integration with DeathByCaptcha. Captcha integration can be configured on the options screen, where login and service details may be entered.

Captchas may also be manually entered, without the need for a 3rd-party service or account. In this case, rather than automatically filling in the captchas for you, RSS Submit displays each captcha for you to fill out, in a simple and standard format.

With two methods for solving captchas by either automatic captcha-solving integration or manual entry, RSS Submit 5 makes it fast and easy to perform your submissions.

RSS Directory Database Subscription

RSS Submit requires an RSS directory database subscription in order to keep you updated with the latest list of RSS directories. You receive a 6-month subscription along with your initial purchase of RSS Submit. After this initial period, the subscription is $8.95/month.

If your subscription expires, you can still continue using the software to submit to the directories, and even download updates of the RSS Submit software itself. However, you'll be using an older version of the RSS directory database, and submission links may become outdated or obsolete. You can renew your subscription at any time and resume getting the latest RSS directory database updates. You won't have to pay for skipped months.

Trial Version Limitations

1. 12-day FREE trial to submit your feeds.
2. Submission of up to 3 RSS feeds.
3. Supports a limited number of RSS search engines.

Full Version Enhancements

1. Unlimited time usage of software.
2. Activates all available RSS search engines for submission.
3. Includes a 6-month subscription for automatic RSS directory updates.

There is no doubt that blogs and RSS feeds continue to be an important part of any web promotional campaign. They are an absolute necessity in attracting and retaining visitors to your web site. Without being published in the RSS search engines, you're missing out on potential visitors! Purchase the full version today!

What Happened to RSS Submit 3?

As RSS Submit 5 is a brand new edition, completely re-written from the ground-up, it exists as a separate product from our original "classic" RSS Submit 3. RSS Submit 3 is available for download and continues to aid in RSS feed submissions, especially with its powerful plug-ins and manual submissions.

Registered users of the classic version of RSS Submit may purchase RSS Submit 5 at a special discounted price. See the order page for details.

Need to Create an RSS Feed?

Don't have an RSS feed yet? Create one automatically by converting your web site into an RSS feed with RSS AutoGen. By automatically generating RSS feeds from your web site, you can submit using RSS Submit for even greater distribution of content and power!

RSS Submit Affiliate Program

Webmasters, join our affiliate program and offer a free download of RSS Submit to your users. When they activate the full version, you earn a commission on the sale!

RSS Submit License Types

SEO Edition $124.95

The SEO License allows unlimited RSS feed submission for commercial purposes by SEO businesses, corporations, and web masters. This license includes:

  • Unlimited time usage of software.
  • 6-month subscription to RSS directory updates.
  • All search engines activated.
  • Unlimited number of RSS feeds may be submitted.
  • Submission of RSS feeds used for commercial purposes.
  • Submission of feeds belonging to other businesses and clients.

Professional Edition $94.95

The Professional License allows RSS feed submission for commercial purposes by businesses and organizations. This license includes:

  • Unlimited time usage of software.
  • 6-month subscription to RSS directory updates.
  • All search engines activated.
  • Unlimited submission of up to 30 RSS feeds for commercial use.
  • Feeds belonging to other businesses or clients may not be used.

Personal Edition $74.95

The Personal License allows RSS feed submission for non-commercial purposes including personal blogs, personal projects, and personal web sites. This license includes:

  • Unlimited time usage of software.
  • 6-month subscription to RSS directory updates.
  • All search engines activated.
  • Unlimited submission of up to 10 RSS feeds for non-commercial use.
  • Feeds may not be used for commercial or re-sale purposes.

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