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  SocialSpeed Social Bookmark Submit



Purchase today for only $74.95 Personal Edition (License Details)
                                            $94.95 Professional Edition
(License Details)
                                            $124.95 SEO Edition
(License Details)

SocialSpeed is one of the most powerful social bookmark management and promotion tools available for submitting your web pages, blogs, and RSS feeds to the most popular social bookmark search engines. One of the easiest tools of its kind, it is the quickest and most reliable way to submit to the social bookmark directories.

Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

SocialSpeed uses a completely automatic submission process of submitting your web page or blog as social bookmarks, publishing your content, and getting more traffic with proven results.

SocialSpeed is extremely easy to use. First-time users simply create a login account on each social bookmark directory, this only needs to be done once; SocialSpeed helps speed this process up by automatically filling in most form fields. Next, simply add your URLs to the software and click Submit.

The following social bookmark search engines are supported:

Bibsonomy BlinkList BuddyMarks CiteULike Delicious
Delirious Faves Furl Lilisto Linkagogo
Linkatopia NewsVine Spurl Google Bookmarks Technorati
Connotea Diigo WireFan Yahoo Bookmarks Propeller
Twitter TagTooga MyJeeves Ask A1-Webmarks Connectedy

Add your web pages, blogs, and RSS feeds, view a keyword analysis, and with one click of the Submit All button, all of your URLs are submitted to the social bookmark search engines and directories.

View the social bookmark search engine result pages to know for sure that your web pages,  blogs, and RSS feeds were accepted.

social bookmark submit
Clicking the engines button allows you to view all available social bookmark directories. Enter your default account login which SocialSpeed will use to submit to each site or select a site and click the Edit button to enter a specific username and password. Before submitting, first-time users should double-click each site to sign-up for an account. SocialSpeed automatically fills in most fields during the sign-up process, making it a breeze.

SocialSpeed contains integrated support for Technorati blog traffic statistics. SocialSpeed reads your target URL and fetches the Technorati statistics so you can track your social bookmark popularity.

Automatic content detection allows you to enter the URL of your web site and let SocialSpeed find the title, description, and keyword tags for your link. Integration with Technorati statistics lets you track hits to your URLs right from within the software. URL and keyword analysis lets you manage your social bookmarks in real-time.

For users who are listed in Technorati, SocialSpeed contains integrated support for their URL traffic statistics. Easily view up-to-date traffic hits for your web pages and blogs directly from within SocialSpeed.

Preview your web page or blog content in real-time just by selecting a URL. SocialSpeed also provides you with the top 3 most popular keywords used in each URL and a complete word count. Managing your social bookmarks has never been easier.

Trial Version Limitations

1. 12-day FREE trial to submit your web pages or blogs.
2. Submission of up to 3 URLs as social bookmarks.
3. Supports a limited number of social bookmark search engines.

Full Version Enhancements

1. Unlimited time usage of software.
2. Activates all available social bookmark search engines for submission.
3. Free upgrades and support including new social bookmark directories.
4. Allows support for expansion pack plug-ins.

What is a social bookmark What is a social bookmark?

A social bookmark is a link submitted by a user to a bookmark search engine or directory. The link is marked as public and can be shared with other users, friends, and content searches throughout the sites. Users discover new and interesting bookmarks submitted by other users and can vote the links up, bumping them higher in rank and possibly even to the front page of the bookmark search engines. Social bookmarks are part of the web 2.0 world, in a similar context as popular user-based sites such as MySpace, and Facebook. Back to top

Submitting social bookmarks and SEO Why should I use social bookmarks as part of an SEO solution?

Social bookmarks are part of an extremely popular and fast growing network on the web. Thousands of users browse the social bookmark directories every day, looking for fresh new links to explore. By submitting your URLs to the social bookmark sites, you open the door for thousands of new users to visit your pages, vote on your content, and push your links to the front pages of the sites.

Submitting social bookmarks for your sites is an extremely powerful method for increasing your readership, traffic, and ultimately your results. Without being listed and voted in the social bookmark search engines, you're missing out on thousands of potential new traffic visitors. Purchase the full version today!

Submitting social bookmarks and SEO How is SocialSpeed different from RSS Submit?

SocialSpeed is an incredibly powerful product for submitting your URLs as social bookmarks to over 25+ social bookmark directories. It is a completely new and different product than our top selling software RSS Submit, which submits your RSS feeds to 80+ RSS directories.

SocialSpeed is an absolute necessity for promoting your web content by leveraging the power of social bookmarking directories for gaining traffic. SocialSpeed submits your URLs to a completely different set of sites than RSS Submit and uses a different format (social bookmarks).

We highly recommend using SocialSpeed, to promote your web sites as social bookmarks, in combination with other promotional tools including RSS Submit (for promoting your feeds) and Blog Blaster (for pinging your blogs). The three make an incredibly powerful SEO combo.

SocialSpeed Plug-ins

Registered users of SocialSpeed may download and/or purchase additional plug-ins for even more social bookmark submission power. Examples include the Reporter plug-in to print submission reports, the Import/Export plug-in to automatically backup/load your list of URLs from the software, and much more. Check out the SocialSpeed Plug-in Directory.

SocialSpeed Affiliate Program

Webmasters, join our affiliate program and offer a free download of SocialSpeed to your users. When they activate the full version, you earn a commission on the sale!

SocialSpeed License Types

SEO Edition $124.95

The SEO License allows unlimited social bookmark submission for commercial purposes by SEO businesses, corporations, and web masters. This license includes:

  • Unlimited time usage of software.
  • All search engines activated.
  • Unlimited number of URLs may be submitted.
  • Submission of URLs used for commercial purposes.
  • Submission of URLs belonging to other businesses and clients.

Professional Edition $94.95

The Professional License allows social bookmark submission for commercial purposes by businesses and organizations. This license includes:

  • Unlimited time usage of software.
  • All search engines activated.
  • Unlimited submission of up to 30 URLs for commercial use.
  • URLs belonging to other businesses or clients may not be used.

Personal Edition $74.95

The Personal License allows social bookmark submission for non-commercial purposes including personal blogs, personal projects, and personal web sites. This license includes:

  • Unlimited time usage of software.
  • All search engines activated.
  • Unlimited submission of up to 10 URLs for non-commercial use.
  • URLs may not be used for commercial or re-sale purposes.


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